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High Wycombe
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Susan Rasala can transform your life by helping you to face up to your problems.

'Defeat your problems before they defeat you'

IF YOU could make one change in your life, what would it be?

Perhaps your life would be transformed if you had more confidence, or maybe you want to give up smoking or comfort-eating.

Almost everyone has problems in their lives, but your problems may be threatening to wreck the quality of your life. You need to face up to them and defeat them, before they defeat you.

Hypnotherapist Susan Rasala can help you break destructive patterns of behaviour and overcome your shyness or uncertainty.

She can help you tackle the changes you want to make in your life, confront your problems and shortcomings, and start out on the road to real achievement.

With her hypnotherapy and counseling skills, she can lift the limits you set on yourself, give you the willpower to break unwanted habits, allow you to face up to fears or negative attitudes and get them under control.

What would be on your wish-list today? You may want to stop smoking, learn to drive, write a book, but you find it so hard to get started, or you have already tried and failed. Perhaps making a speech at a wedding or giving a presentation at work is filling you with dread.

Susan Rasala tackles difficulties like these every day.

She can help you defeat anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, fears, confidence problems, depression, weight gain or loss, eating disorders, nail-biting, smoking, alcohol and drinking problems, gambling, blushing, nervousness, sleeplessness and sleep disorders, guilt feelings, relationship problems, feeling jealousy, confusion or insecurity. Put the quality back into your life by talking to her in complete confidence at her consulting rooms in High Wycombe or through Skype, text or email.

Get The most out of your life, know what you want to do, and enjoy it to the full.

Telephone to make an appointment with Susan Rasala during the day, in the early or late evening and weekends.

Reductions are available for children, students, senior citizens and the unwaged.

I am the longest serving therapist in the UK, now in my 36th year.

Tel 07885 425 027 / 01494 716 301